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Change takes time, and we just haven’t given the Beloved President enough of it yet! See, Americans are very reactionary, and when everyone didn’t get a new car or whatever last year, they thought the President had failed. So they sent a bunch of Republicans to Washington. But only enough to impede progress, not enough to change anything.

This is the reason why we must make sure Obama is re-elected in 2012! With his glorious victory, Americans will realize the error of their ways, and once again return complete control of the government to Democrats. This will open the doors for President Obama (I always sigh just a little when I even say it!) to bring about the real changes we need! An end to these supposed ‘conservative values’ that make us look like backwards cave-dwellers!

We must make reparations for slavery! We must put a chicken in every pot! We must provide health care, not just for the poor, not just for the rich, FOR EVERYONE! Education must be lifted up, and teachers put on a pedestal! We must end the practice of exporting jobs overseas! We must WELCOME all those who would call themselves Americans! Not just Immigration Reform… INTEGRATION! Let all those who would breathe free, breathe free here!


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President Obama,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy time has come, might thy will be done,

Across America, as it is in Washington.

Give us this day our reparations and new kitchens.

And forgive our doubts, as we forgive the birthers.

And lead us out of the recession, caused by George W. Bush.

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the re-election 2012.


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